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10 Tips for Women When Choosing a 2e1ax_default_entry_anitapRed Deer Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be a terrific asset to your workout routine. This person motivates you to do your best in order to meet your fitness goals. This person helps to teach you the best methods of completing different forms of exercise. This person serves as your strongest support system as you navigate the ups and downs of weight loss and exercise. However, not all personal trainers are good at their jobs. And some personal trainers are a lot better for women than others are. Here are ten things for women to consider when choosing a personal trainer:

1. Gender of the personal trainer. There is no cut and dry answer as to whether it’s best for a woman to have a female personal trainer or a male personal trainer. However one tends to work out better than the other for most women. Women who are uncomfortable with taking direction from men, for example, would find it beneficial to use a female personal trainer. Women who have trouble taking other women seriously will find that a make personal trainer works out best for them. Take some time to do an honest assessment of what types of gender issues you are facing and use that information when selecting a personal trainer. Sure, you might want to work through those issues but the personal trainer isn’t the person to help you do that so choose the trainer with the gender that’s going to workout best for you.

2. Look for a collaborative personal trainer. Yes, there are women out there who work well with competitive personal trainers. On the whole, however, most women prefer trainers that offer a collaborative relationship. It’s in the nature of how women relate to one another. Ask potential trainers about their approach to training with specific regard to competitiveness vs. collaboration and select one that will collaborate with you on meeting your fitness goals.

3. Choose a trainer who shares your fitness goals. It is important for anyone to make sure that their personal trainer understands and shares their fitness goals. It is particularly important for women, however. Men tend to be more goal-oriented and more likely to speak up if their training isn’t suiting their goals. Women need to establish their goals with a personal trainer at the start of training in order to be more likely to stick with them. A trainer who shares your goals makes this simpler.

4. Consider a personal trainer who also offers group training. You may want a one-on-one trainer most of the time. However, many women benefit from more social interaction during their fitness routines. A trainer who also offers group sessions or partnered training can be very beneficial for women for this reason.

5. Select a personal trainer who has been what you have been through. Women really need to feel like their personal trainers understand what they are going through. If you need to lose weight a significant amount then you might want to choose a trainer who did exactly that. If you are interested in staying shape as you get older then an older personal trainer who is at that same stage of life may be the most empathetic choice for you. Think about where you’re at with your fitness and find a trainer who understands that from personal experience.

6. Make sure that your personal trainer is a good listener. Yes, this person is going to be giving you a lot of direction. However, they should also be able to listen to what you need. Women need good listeners in all areas of their lives. If you meet your personal trainer and you get the feeling that this person is barking orders at you and not really hearing what you are saying then it’s a good sign that you want to look for a different personal trainer who will be able to listen to you.

7. A trainer must have good personal boundaries. Women need their trainers to be able to maintain a proper role in their lives. This is especially true if the trainer is male. Choose a trainer who has good personal boundaries especially when it comes to touch. This person will touch you when working out to show you positions and assist in your fitness but this should be an appropriate form of touch with solid boundaries intact.

8. Your trainer isn’t your best friend. Although you should have a terrific relationship with yourpersonal trainer and this person should be capable of listening to you, the goal of this person being in your life is to focus on fitness. If you get the feeling that your personal trainer is going to spend too much time gossiping with you and not enough time helping you to achieve your fitness goals then it’s worth it to look for someone who is better at walking that line.

9. Get referrals from other women. In terms of trying to find the right personal trainer, it’s a great idea for women to get referrals from other women that they know. Women are natural relationship-builders and they often trust the advice of their best girlfriends. Referrals provide a great starting place for locating the types of personal trainers that are going to be right for you.

10. Trust your gut. Women have great instincts when it comes to what is best for them. Unfortunately, we often tend to ignore our gut instinct in favor of what our minds are telling us about things. Turn your mind off and trust your gut when it comes to choosing a personal trainer. You’ll make the right choice.

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