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2e1ax_default_frontpage_nutrition-mythsI just wanted to take a few minutes to break down some of the biggest nutritional myths out there. Knowledge is power when becoming healthy, the more you know the better the transformation can be.

Myth #1 Fats make you fat.

Here is one piece of misinformation that just won’t die. There are many junk foods that are fatty i.e. donuts, chips etc. But we often forget that there is such a thing as healthy fats, such as those found in nuts, olive oil, salmon and avocados. It is true that fat grams do contain more calories than carbs or proteins, but fat is still an essential component of our diet. One of the benefits of eating a diet with healthy fats included is that it keeps you satiated by slowing down the digestion process, so you stay full for a longer period of time. Bonus benefit from your Red Deer personal trainer – healthy fats also help with joint support and brain function so eat up!


Myth #2 Every person needs 8 glasses of water a day.

The truth is just like calories and nutrients, basic hydration needs are going to vary for each person. How much water each individual needs varies depending on your exercise and activity level and even the temperature of the climate you live in. Part of individual health is learning how to recognise thirst and to drink water with and between meals. Remember that tea, coffee, soup and most fruit also contribute to water intake, but be mindful of added sugars, caffeine and sodium.


Myth #3 Eating after 7 will make you gain weight.

Eating in the evening, doesn’t mean you’ll gain weight. Your total calorie intake and expenditure matter most when it comes to healthy weight management. However, late night snacking does still add calories to your daily intake, and mindless eating should be limited to avoid unwanted weight gain. If you are trying to gain muscle mass and you work out regularly, eating protein at night before you head to bed could be beneficial. As long as you choose small portions of healthy foods to eat at night, you can maintain a healthy weight and may even reap several health benefits. If you are hungry before bed, a small snack may help you sleep better as it will satiate you and level blood sugar levels.


So there you have it, 3 everyday nutrition myths busted by our Red Deer Personal Trainer, Catherine Cole. If you need advice or have a question, please shoot us a comment below!

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