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2e1ax_default_frontpage_dr_johnson-4Jack here from 360 Fitness Red Deer Personal Training.

Today, I have a guest blog post from my good friend and colleague, Dr. Shane Johnson down at Aspire Medicine!

They are the best Red Deer Naturopath clinic for several reasons: they use a blend of science, new age and traditional medicine with common sense and good old fashioned reasoning. My family and I have been seeing Dr. Johnson for years now and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for alternative ways of treating common every day problems and for new some insight into getting you into tip top shape!

Aspire Medicine is the Official Naturopath of 360 Fitness and we recommend his service to all our clients.

Here is an article from Dr. Johnson himself, take it away Shane!


3 Reasons You Need To See A Red Deer Naturopathic Doctor

One of the first questions I often get asked in my practice is, “Are you a real doctor?” The answer to this question is a resounding “YES.”  Seeing a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) ensures that you are putting your health in the hands of a qualified individual.  One who has the appropriate education in medical sciences to diagnose and treat your health concerns.   This is reason number one to see an ND.

During my family practice residency in Phoenix, Arizona I was fortunate enough to work with a gastroenterologist who had 20 years of experience.  I spent 6 months in his private practice, as well as in his surgery suite where he performed procedures such as colonoscopies.  Even though the treatments we used in our practices were drastically different, he was amazed at how similarly we approached our patients’ health.

I will never forget the day he allowed me to integrate naturopathic recommendations for his patients with the prescriptions he was using in the office.  He experienced first hand the power of blending naturopathic and conventional medicine together.

If you are going to involve natural medicine in your life wouldn’t you want a qualified expert in the medical field to guide you down the right path? Naturopathic doctor’s (ND) have gone to school for 8 years to attain their naturopathic medical degree. All graduates then have to pass rigorous professional board exams to be licensed throughout North America.  Then, some like myself, complete a year long residency to further our knowledge and skills.

The second reason to see an ND is that you will always get the time to be heard.  One of my favorite parts about being a naturopathic doctor is the fact that we do not have to rush patients out the door.  Patients are always amazed and thankful for the fact that we have an hour long first office visit in our clinic and 30 minute follow-up visits.  This ensures that an adequate medical history is taken, a proper physical exam is completed, and all your concerns are heard at each and every visit.  We do not limit you to discussing only 2 problems!  .

The third reason to see an ND is also the most important.  One of the key principles of naturopathic medicine is to identify and remove the underlying causes of illness, rather than to eliminate or merely suppress symptoms.  Suppressing symptoms is most often a short-term fix, whereas treating the underlying cause has long lasting positive effects on an individual’s health. We use scientific testing to identify the underlying issues and then tailor our treatments to your unique struggles.

Now you are armed with the right knowledge about the expertise and education behind a naturopathic doctor, the time spent on you during the office visit, and understanding that naturopathic doctors are looking for the root cause of your health problems.

Join the many people whom are integrating an Red Deer Naturopath into their health team. I encourage you to visit a ND in the next month and have naturopathic medicine improve your health.

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