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4 Workout Strategies To Increase Your Calorie Burn

By December 5, 2018October 22nd, 2021No Comments

As you go about your fitness program, you will reach a point where you need to take your progress up a notch.


For many people, this is also the point where they may fall off the bandwagon. They hit a plateau and when results stop, so do they.

To avoid that, you simply need to think about some advanced strategies that you can instead incorporate into your program that will get you to your end goal. These will all help you burn calories faster, not only during the workout, but also for hours after the workout is finished.

The end result is a much faster level of progress for you, whether you are working with a personal trainer, in a bootcamp or on your own at your home gym.

Here are four fitness strategies to consider.


Super Sets

A super set is where you take two exercise sand pair them back to back with each other. Generally, this tends to work well with full body workout sessions as you can pair together an upper body exercise with a lower body exercise, taking very little rest in between and as such, getting a great boost to your metabolic rate.

That said, you can also do it using the same muscle group as well if your goal is fatigue management. By performing two exercises for the same muscle group back to back, you train this muscle how to handle fatigue very effectively.


Drop Sets

The next manner in which you can boost your calorie burn is with a drop set. With this technique, you will perform one set of your target exercise and as soon as fatigue hits, drop the weight by about 5 pounds. Then perform a second set, only dropping the weight one more time for a third and final set, which should bring you to a full fatigue level.

This is a good technique to use towards the end of the workout session when you really want to finish the muscle group off. Don’t expect to do much more work beyond the drop sets as once they are done, you will be ready to go home and rest from the session.

Drop sets are quite taxing on the central nervous system as well, so note that you should not do them each and every workout session.

Instead, do them every so often when you need a quick boost to your workouts


Circuit Training

Circuit training is the next smart way to boost your calorie burn. This setup is quite similar to the superset only rather than pairing two exercises back to back, you are pairing five to ten. You will basically move from one exercise to the next until all exercises in the protocol are finished.

At that point, you can rest before you move forward to complete it a second time through.

This protocol plan is more cardio oriented as well, so can be good for those who want strength results while they do their cardio training.


Join a class or hire a trainer!

Finally, the last great calorie burner that will definitely help you take your results up a notch is to get involved with a fitness class, enlist a workout buddy or even better yet hire a fitness professional like a Red Deer personal trainer. There is no match for tribe mentality and you will go harder if you have a group of rockstars beside you and someone in your corner cheering you along.

So don’t let yourself become bored when you stop seeing results. Instead, use one of these techniques to liven up your program and achieve new heights in your fitness level.

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