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Another success from Red Deer personal trainers at 360 Fitness

By December 16, 2015October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Wanted to give a shout out to Peter K. today. He has been a client of ours for awhile now and every couple months it’s hard to recognize his old pictures. Even his old before/afters.

Here is his story in his words. He is down over 40lbs of fat now.

“I started at 360 in June 2013, I was nervous about signing up as I’ve never worked out in a gym atmosphere before. The first time walking through the door I thought there was going to be professional body builders walking around, it was the complete opposite.

It was everyday people just like me.

The first assessment helped me realize where I was with my body physically as well as my strength, which is nice cause it gives you a good starting point to build from.

Over the last two years I’ve dropped weight and body fat like crazy along with inches. My strength has improved an insane amount, lifting weight I would have never dreamed of lifting two years ago.

The trainers at 360 are what makes the difference, they push you in every aspect making sure you’re giving it your all. They help you stay accountable with your meal planning and cardio while keeping a fun positive attitude with every workout. The atmosphere combined with the trainers is what keeps me coming back to 360 Fitness”

Great job, Peter!
If you are ready to be your own success story with our Red Deer personal trainer team give us a call at 403 347 1707 and book your free consultation…you wont regret it!

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