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Hi everyone! Wanted to share a great Red Deer personal training success story with you today.
Her words are WAY more powerful than I can ever write, so here they are.


Take it away, Michelle 🙂

My story:

When I first came to 360 fitness I really had no idea what to expect.

I’d been to other gyms, trying to do it on my own, not really knowing how to work out.  Seems silly but the machines and weights were all so intimidating.

I had no idea what I was doing but I knew it wasn’t working. 

Right off 360 fitness gave me a trainer, Caitlynn, a woman who knew what I needed to do!  She helped me create a plan and move forward.

I’m more confident when I walk into the gym and I’m stronger. 

I can get up 3 sets of stairs now, something I definitely couldn’t do when I started!

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer the doctors told me working out would be important.  I was glad it was something I had already been doing for some time.  I never had any doubt Caitlynn wouldn’t be there to help me, and she is.

She is helping me to be strong enough to fight cancer!

I’m so happy I found 360 fitness and Caitlynn.


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