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Fitness in Your 50’s and Beyond!

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‍♂️ Fitness in Your 50s and Beyond ️‍♂️

It’s never too late to get fit or to start a fitness journey for the 1st time. NEVER!

Exercise provides health benefits for everyone at every age and stage, so don’t ever think you’re too old to exercise.

Once you hit your 50s, you most likely notice you’ve starting to slow down. And despite how you feel, you’re not as fit as you once were. The pounds pile on faster, your joints feel a little stiffer, and you’re moving a little slower. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s not too late to fight the effects of aging, regain your strength, and maintain good health. Exercise, no matter your age, is proven to reduce your risk of chronic conditions including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, certain cancers, high blood pressure, arthritis, and high cholesterol.

Maybe you already exercise on a regular basis or perhaps you’re looking to add more physical activity (like working with a Red Deer personal trainer at 360 Fitness) to your daily routine. For people in their 50s and beyond, here are a few tips to exercise safely and effectively.

> Make it Regular

Make exercise a part of every day, just like eating and brushing your teeth. It should be just what you do. AM, noon, PM – whatever works for you! It doesn’t have to take hours of your day. If you only have time for 30 minutes, go for it!

> Make it Enjoyable

You’ll be much likelier to stick with exercise if it’s something you enjoy. Maybe it’s something outdoors, a workout you can do with a friend, or exercise with a Red Deer personal trainer – find something that you feel good doing. You may not be able to do the workouts you did 20 years ago, but that’s okay. Find new challenges and hit them.

> Make it Safe

Your health needs are different today than they were 10, 20, or 30 years ago. If it’s been years since you’ve exercised, talk with your doctor before starting a new workout.

Remember: a new workout routine requires starting slowly and gradually increasing the intensity in order to prevent injury and burnout. Never exercise to the point of pain.

Listen to your body!

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