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🥗Drive-thru survival guide 🚗

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re on a road trip, or with family or friends, or maybe it’s a work trip — and you end up in the drive-thru lane…

And you’re left to try to figure out the least-terrible option in just a few seconds.

I have a few tips for you today.

The awesome news is that nowadays, it’s easy to order a fast-food meal that still is tasty, quick and can fit into a balanced lifestyle with moderation. 

But first, always always always….

👉 Think about how you’ll feel an hour or two after eating.

Do you want to feel bloated, blah, and wondering what you did to yourself?


Do you want to feel energized and proud of yourself for following through on your healthy eating goals?

It’s a no-brainer! 🙂 But from time to time and in moderation, it’ll all fit. 

Quick & Easy Drive-Thru Survival Guide

1. Focus on lean protein options like chicken or fish that’s baked or grilled (not fried)

2. Bean dishes like chili are another healthy option 

3. At Mexican-themed restaurants, order “fresco style” dishes with pico de gallo and guacamole, instead of sour cream and heavy cheeses

4. Say “yes” to salads but make sure they aren’t loaded with cheese, sour cream, and fried chicken — and choose a lower-calorie dressing Instead of fries, grilled chicken or order fruit as your side

5. Choose wraps instead of burgers with buns

6. If you do choose a hamburger with a bun, remove the top bun to cut back on highly refined carbs or ask for lettuce wrapped

7. Avoid heavy sauces and mayo

8. Remember that some items sound healthier than they are — like yogurt parfaits and turkey burgers

9. When it comes to drinks, go for water, unsweetened iced tea, or black coffee or a small diet pop. 

And, if at all possible, have a game plan BEFORE you place your order!

You got this 🙂 

PS – I made this image with Dall-E (chat gpt image creator, how cool is that?)

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