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Clients, do you find yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to your cardio?

Do you get on a tread mill or bike and just maintain the same steady (sometimes slow) pace? Are you getting bored with your cardio workout?

Has your weight-loss stalled, even though you are eating clean and regularly coming to your workouts?

I want you all to try adding interval training for your cardio sessions. Interval training is bursts of high intensity exercise, followed by lower intensity, repeated for 15-30 minutes. Add a 5 minute warm up as well as a 5 min cool down. The addition of interval training to your fitness regime will help you sculpt your muscles, help you drop unwanted fat and pounds, and get your cardio system working efficiently and help increase your cardio endurance. By swapping interval training for your regular steady state cardio, you will burn more calories and be more efficient with your time in the gym. And who doesn’t want that. Try this out on either the Rower, Treadmill or Bike. RPE stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion (how hard you are going).


Here is a good method for great results!


1-5 warm up

5-6 RPE 7

6-7 RPE 2/3

7-8 RPE 8

8-9 RPE 2/3

9-10 RPE 8

10-11 RPE 2/3

11-12 RPE 9

12-13 RPE 4

13-14 RPE 9

14-15 RPE4

15-16 RPE 8

16-17 RPE 3

17-18 RPE 7

18-19 RPE 2

19-20 RPE 6

20-25 Cool down

Watch this great video from our Red Deer personal trainer, Catherine, on a simple and easy way to use HIIT on the treadmill.

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