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How to Overheat Squat Properly – Red Deer Personal Trainer Tips

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How to Overheat Squat Properly - Red Deer Personal Trainer TipsAwesome guest blog from our Red Deer Personal Trainer Leader, Ben Trottier, on how to do the barbell overhead squat properly.

Take it away Ben!


One of the toughest exercises to learn is the overhead squat. But one of the most rewarding, challenging and results producing exercises is the overhead squat. That is why we need to invest time, energy and patience into it. Once you master it though, get ready for awesomeness!

That is why at our Red Deer personal training studio we use the Overhead Squat as one of our 5 Foundation Movements to test. We do the bench press, deadlift, back squat, overhead squat and row. Once you have those 5 lifts down, you can easily master anything else.

Today though, lets talk about the Overhead Squat 

How to Overhead Squat:

1. A. Place your hands 5-6 inches away from the end of the bar and close to the pinky slot. This position will be different for everyone (the less flexible you are, go wider). Get under the bar in a power rack set just under shoulder height. Place the bar right on the top upper back (below the traps and above your shoulder blades) then safely walk out of the rack. .


1. B. Use a front rack position and place bar on your upper chest and walk out.


1. C. Power clean or snatch the barbell off the ground into a front rack or overhead position with arms locked out.

2. From here on, let’s follow 1A – now safely press the bar overhead to a locked arm position with a safe and structured spine, engaged core and sturdy legs.

3. Once hips and arms locked out and knees sturdy, lift chest cavity up and squat a traditional squat *moving from the pelvis first and then knees.

4. Go as deep as you can with your chest up, weight into your whole foot (not on toes), with your arms locked and hips out. Breath in on your way down.

5. Once you get to your desired depth, start on your way back up by driving from the heels and breathing out. Keep your core engaged.

6. Stay tight in the core and lock your arms in between reps.

7. Try for 2-3 seconds on the way down (eccentric) and a more explosive 1-2 seconds on the way up (concentric).

8. Once done desired reps, place bar back onto upper back and walk into the safety rails on the squat rack again.

9. Pat yourself on the back 🙂 Job well done!

Make note: adjust the load and resistance so you can execute it safely. Form and technique are more important than load…way more important. As Red Deer Personal Trainers, we cant emphasize this enough. A lot of people go for lots of weight on this one and don’t ever get stronger due to the fact that their muscles aren’t engaging properly and they are cheating on the movement.

So check out the video guys and make sure you leave some comments on the youtube page for me!


Ben Trottier

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