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One of the main reasons fitness programs or diets fail is because of the “all or none” mindset.


The story tends to go something like this…


“Susan” is ready to get in shape! She throws out all the junk food in her house and signs up to hit the gym 5 times per week! She’s eating meat and vegetables, training hard, and feeling great about it!


Motivation is through the roof her first week or two…maybe even three. Then reality creeps in. She misses sugar. She’s sore and tired. Things were “easier” before she started this new venture.


She justifies skipping a day or two or three in the gym. She finds herself back in the bakery because she’s been working hard and she “deserves” it.


Within 6-12 weeks of starting the journey, Susan is right back to where she started – eating what she wants and not working out…except now she’s got a gym membership bill to pay for each month.


I’m not sharing this story to be negative! I’m sharing it because this is the reality that many of the people we’ve worked with here at 360 Fitness have faced in the past, and they’ve been able to change that story.



Instead of going from 0 to 60mph overnight, if Susan had taken less of an all or none approach, she would still be on track. Defining a REAL, sustainable plan of action is one of the top ways we help our clients get results.


If you’ve ever tried to change everything overnight, you know it rarely works. Maybe you even relate to Susan’s story or you know someone who relates.


If you want to get out of the all or none mindset, you gotta have a chat with yourself about consistency over perfection every day of the week.


There is a better way, and we can help you navigate your path just like Brenda did (above).


We can help!

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