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Red Deer Personal Training Clients Run Run Iceland Event! 110kms

By December 16, 2015October 22nd, 2021No Comments

HUGE round of applause to 2 of our amazing Red Deer personal training members, Kristi and Shea Volk, who completed the RUN ICELAND Event!

This was not for the faint of heart…The run was 110km in 5 stages. The terrain was extreme. Technical trails and a lot of incline.

Rain, ice, fog, rocks, running on volcanic ridgelines, hills, ocean side, mountains…the whole 9 yards.

Getting it done was tough enough but these two went the extra mile, literally.

Shea placed 6th out of 56 runners from around the world (5th amongst the males). Kristi placed 14th overall (4th amongst the females). Notably, Shea placed 4th on Stage 1 and 3rd on Stage 2 & 3. Stage 4 was 42 km which Kristi and Shea ran together (pics to come).

So unbelievably proud of these two.

PS – they ran it in 5 days and were back to rocking workouts on Tuesday…didnt skip a beat. Now that’s unreal.

Give these 2 a ton of praise team! And if you want to start checking things off your bucket list and loving life again, give us a call for a free consultation and our Red Deer personal training team can get you started!


Check out a video of the event here!


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