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( Spartan Race Prep for this Weekend)

Good luck to all our Spartan racers in Red Deer this weekend!

We have over a dozen clients from our spring Obstacle Race Boot camp and 10 more clients from our regular programs running this weekend and couldn’t be more proud.

They is a Sprint version (6km approx), the Super version (11-14km) and the Beast (20km +).

For the racers here a quick rundown of what you need to prep for tonight and tomorrow.

1. Food – stick to lean proteins, starchy carbs and veggies for your dinner meal the night before. No booze and limit caffeine that day. The longer the race the mode starchy carbs you’ll wait tonight. Don’t go nuts and don’t try any foods you aren’t used to. Try and limit fatty foods for the last big meal. 

For the pre race meal, choose a small serving of protein of your choice and some more starchy carbs (oatmeal, rice, shredded wheat). Keep it light and easy to digest.

Give yourself enough time for proper digestion before you go to the race.

2.  Water- drink 2-4 litres of water the day before the race and make sure you get at least 500-1000ml in before the race and hydrate as needed during the race. For the 6 and 10k versions you don’t quite need a carb or electrolyte drink per se but to each their own.

3. Sleep – get 7 to 9 hours of sleep before the race and wake up early enough to not be rushed and to get the pre race meal and digestion in. Eat 1.5 to 2 hrs before race time. Limit screen time the night before and keep it mellow. 

4. Race time – get to the race early for registration and bag check. It takes longer than you think. Bring a water proof bag for your dirty clothes and shoes afterwards and bring a full kit of new clothes and shoes for after. Bring a towel to clean off and dry in the hoses afterwards. Bring your race bib/registration, IF and info printed in advance, some cash for bag check ($15 and some extra if you are hitting the snack and beer tent afterwards). Keep phone in dry bag or with a spectators.  Go pee  before you line up.

5. Warm up – you’ll get in your heat line about 10 mins before the race and you gotta stay moving and warm. Do dynamic stretches and keep loose. Grab your team mates and stick together with a battle plan.

6. Have fun – Go at your own pace and help each other out. Do your best and remember what this is all about…having fun and proving to yourself and yourself alone that you are capable.

Team 360 will be there in full force and can’t wait to see all your muddy rockstars at the finish line!


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