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Want bigger changes?

By February 7, 2020October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Want bigger changes….then you need to dream bigger.

Remember when you were a kid and you were going to be crazy successful by being an astronaut and a cowboy…at the same time?

And whenever you thought about it, you had the biggest grin on.

What happened to the little kid in you?

Obviously, astrocowboy is a long shot, but that level of dreaming is magical. And oh so important when you are deep thinking on who you are and who you want to become.

This week both my kiddos (5+6yr old boys) were pretty sick so I worked from home a lot.

Every single day they told me how good they were at something – climbing, running stairs, video games, building puzzles and how they were going to be better when they grew up.

Was so awesome to hear those words. And words I want to hear more from my mouth and from our staff and clients.

Bu sadly, the dreaming sadly stops as we get older.

Everything seems determined for you.

But what if it didn’t have to be?

What if you could have the dreams and imagination of your childhood and even bring them into reality?

Because the truth is you can.

Ok maybe it’s too late to become an astrocowboy but what CAN you do to create that sense of joy, freedom, and creativity?

How can you do more of what lights you up and less of what you’re “obligated” to do?

When you act from DESIRE rather than OBLIGATION, it’s pretty magical what’s possible and the level of fulfillment it brings.

Dax and Sven (kiddos) didn’t feel embarrassed or silly when they proudly declared goals…and I wouldn’t know what situations to put them in to reach those goals if they didn’t speak up.

Even if you think it’s a silly goal on the surface and you’ve never shared them before, this is a safe place. Share away.

My big business dream is: to be at a place at 45 (20 years in business by then) where the biz will runs itself or we are a spot to have the team takeover.

My big fitness goal is to deadlift 600lbs. Right now around 500 so it’s a huge leap. But one that I’m chipping away at.

What’s yours?

-Jack from 360 Fitness

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