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Why Compound Movements Are Superior to Isolating Movements

Red Deer Personal Trainer Explains Why


            Get ready for some fitness science today. In order to get great results for our clients at the gym we not only have to work hard but we need to work smart.  Today, our Red Deer personal trainer, Dave Barth, is going to chat about the benefits of using compound movements over isolating movements in exercise routines.

A compound exercise in the world of fitness constitutes a full body movement, which typically engages at least two joints, and demand a large amount of energy. Compound movements then, would engage more muscles during one repetition than an isolating exercise. This would create an increased response of the nervous system on the acting muscles, inhibiting greater results. Compound movements also mean you work your stabilizing muscles to a much greater extent. Overall a compound movement can help develop more athleticism and control in ones body.

When your strapped for time, sometimes the gym and your fitness routine fall by the way side. If you can make your program more efficient, by using compound exercises, you will end up spending a lot less time in the gym, with 3-5 movements, and getting the same, if not, greater results. Our Red Deer Personal Trainer crew follows this protocol with 30 minute sessions that 4 compound moves combined with active recovery and cardio aspects. Part of the reason for this is determined by the number of muscle fibers that your body activating, and the hormones this stress releases. Human Growth Hormone and testosterone are your two main muscle builders in the body. Don’t worry ladies! Your testosterone levels are much lower than men’s and it will always be much harder to stimulate growth.

The efficiency of this workout and demand of this workout work hand in hand. By simplifying your training routine you’ll free up time to work on other crucial aspects of fitness, including your cardiovascular health, your flexibility, and other recovery techniques. Compound exercises are absolutely fantastic but like all other exercise techniques and programs, it means nothing without proper nutrition, sleep and overall recovery. By maximizing your results and reducing gym time we see a decreased risk of overtraining which would send your body backwards and undo all of your hard work.

Isolation exercises have a definite place in the your training but they are a small part of the big picture. If a compound exercise is one of your main building blocks, that maximize your training, isolation exercises are smaller bricks to add on and get that little extra out of yourself. This is displayed in the world of bodybuilding where muscles are more used as a point of aesthetic versus strength and athleticism.

Hopefully, this has sold you on why compound movements are superior to constant isolation training and you want more efficient and useful results. Here are a few of the movements to get started with. Make note, if you dont know these exercises – look into hiring a Red Deer Personal Trainer who can teach you them in a safe and results producing manner.

  • – Barbell Bench Press
  • – Barbell Back Squat
  • – Deadlift
  • – Lunges
  • – Front Squats
  • – Pull-ups
  • – Bent Over Rows
  • – Standing Military Press

Have fun, be safe in the gym and work smart! Remember that if you don’t know these exercises well, please ask a fitness pro in your gym about them. There is never such thing as a silly question when it comes to safety on the gym floor. If you have any questions about these movements, please email our Red Deer Personal Trainer team

Dave Barth

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