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How to avoid the “D” word during the holidays

By December 2, 2019October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a family member or friend make a big deal out of your diet.

(I know I am.)

I’m going to give you some actionable tactics to help avoid that stress, enjoy the holidays, AND stay focused on your goals.

Nowadays, “diet” has become a lot like politics/religion – a hot topic.

Some people have very strong opinions about what’s “right,” whether it’s vegan, paleo, keto, fasting, etc., etc.

And as luck would (not) have it, those same people also seem to notice when you’ve made changes in your diet … and start putting in their “two cents.”

They might think they’re being helpful, but sometimes it can come off as pressure you just don’t need.

Especially when they’re egging you on to eat something you don’t want.

1) Have a plan. If you have an idea that the topic will come up, think about how you’ll handle it ahead of time, so any old reactionary “buttons” don’t get pushed.

The safest route is to respect the boundaries you’ve set … but also respect their feelings.

Remember – it’s always OK to say “no thank you” with gratitude.

2) Change the subject. If Aunt Mabel starts to grill you about what you’re doing differently, just say you’re “eating healthy and feel amazing.” And then change the subject to something she’s interested in.

3) Duck and dive. If someone is trying to guilt you into eating something you don’t want, tell them, “Thank you.” And then say the meal was delicious and you’re feeling full.

4) Don’t bring it up. If food/diet is a sensitive topic, just don’t mention it. Be proactive and keep the conversation flowing.

5) Talk about politics. JUST KIDDING! Don’t do this!

Many times our loved ones – especially older family members who grew up in a different generation – view food as a way of expressing love.

Their words can feel like pressure, but when you understand their good intentions behind them.

Stick to a plan and stay strong.

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