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2e1ax_default_entry_active-over-40-year-old-womenFor women above the age of 40, weight management can become a tough chore and might seem like it’s harder to lose those extra pounds and a lot easier to put them on. Ageing naturally causes loss in lean muscle and can lead to a natural decrease in metabolism. There are things that can slow down these trends though, like improving your diet and working out on a regular basis but one of the most important things you can do is to just become aware of the changes in the first place and know how to prepare and plan ahead.

It’s time to put things straight and realize that you are not the same person you were some 10 or 5 years ago and to maintain that admirable physique, you need to work a little harder, work smarter and plan better. The extra pounds around your waist didn’t come all of a sudden on the day you turned 40 and they won’t come off just as fast. Now it’s time to look at some serious points and to create a plan of action.

As per traditional calorie requirements, women nearing the age of 40 need an average of 2,000 calories per day to maintain a healthy body. This is just a guideline though. If you are looking for more customization, ask your local Red Deer Personal Trainingexperts for more advice.  However, this also depends on the activities they are involved in. The three keys to healthy meals for women 40+ are:

  • Eliminating food toxins: Toxins in food are the primary cause of obesity in most ageing women and the best cure is staying off those amazing looking food. Cut out the junk.
  • Calorie management: It is quite common for people to continue the same eating habits, patterns and food portions as they age but they need to adjust as activity level changes. Many women continue eating the same amount of calories with less activity – which is weight gain waiting to happen.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Healthy diets should be planned around balance and moderation. Trends show that women in their 40’s typically avoid entire food groups (no carbs or no fats) in an attempt to drop a couple pounds fast. This is a bad road to go down and usually does more harm than good in the end. They should be aiming for balance and have all the necessary minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbs, fats and nutrients in the right amount.

One can easily blame weight gain on a slow metabolism but the actual process has more to it. With age, lean muscles decline rapidly without proper use and there is a tendency of the body to convert calories into fat rather than energy or muscle repair since there is not much needed. For some women, this is also the reason that they find it harder to work as they get old and tire easily.

When it comes to diet, here are the steps that every 40+ woman needs to follow:

  1. Watch the portion sizes: Control your cravings by eating a balanced diet.
  2. Seek our healthy food joints: These will be the places that offer sandwiches and subs made out of whole wheat bread and have low fat and calorie content.
  3. Healthy alternatives: If you love sweets and cookies, try the healthy variants. Today, there is an alternative to everything.
  4. Side salads: Side Salads should compliment every quickly prepared meal and make up the most volume of the plate/bowl.
  5. A piece of fruit: Make it a habit to dig into fruits, cereals or low fat yoghurt before you run. This will keep you full and avoid fast burgers.
  6. Keep off the mayo: Every tablespoonful of mayonnaise contains 100 calories of more or less useless ingredients! Use mustard, coconut oil or salsa instead.
  7. Water: So many women in their 40’s are chronically dehydrated. A busy lifestyle, a lack of awareness and a lack of activity (activity triggers thirst mechanisms) are some common limiting factors. Try to keep a water bottle with you at all times and shoot for 2-3 litres a day even if you are not overly active.

In the end, it’s not your age that decides your weight and you can do something about it. It’s the things you eat and the amount of activity you compliment your diet with. You have more control over your health as you age and the only limits you have are the ones you let happen. If you want more information on how to manage your weight effectively or would like to a book a free goals consultation to get you started visit 360 Fitness Red Deer Personal Training.



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