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Sticking to Your Weight Loss Goals Over Summer

By December 16, 2015October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Sticking to Your Weight Loss Goals Over Summer

By Catherine Cole, 360 Fitness Red Deer Personal Trainer

Tip #1: Start your day with a well-balanced breakfast.

Many people experience schedule changes during the summer months, which can lead to skipped meals and strange eating schedules. Holidays, traveling, sleeping in and kids being off from school all contribute to this. Be sure to always start your day with a healthy, balanced breakfast that includes some protein (like eggs, nut butters, Greek-style yogurt or cheese) to keep you full and add in some complex carbs (like whole-grain breads, cereals or granola) for energy. Aim for eating within 30 minutes of waking up.

Tip #2: Add extra veggies.

Summer is the perfect time to up your veggie intake. Head to the farmer’s market and pick up some fresh local veggies to add to your meals and snacks. Even better, plant your own garden and enjoy the fruit (or veggies) of your labor!

Tip #3: Choose no-cook meals or use the grill.

When it’s too hot to cook in the kitchen, shift your focus to simple meals that require little to no cooking. Or take the heat outside and fire up the grill. Fresh salads made with a light homemade dressing are perfect on warm summer nights! Lemon juice with fresh herbs and a splash of olive oil is a perfect finish to fresh and grilled veggies.

Tip #4: Schedule your workouts.

Schedule your workouts into your day so you’re more likely to complete them and be smart about the timing. If you’re exercising outside, stick to early morning or late evening hours to help beat the heat. Make sure you are re hydrating before, during and after your workout. Add some fun summer activities that keep you moving. Cycling, hiking, roller blading are all great fun ways to burn calories!

Catherine Cole, 360 Fitness Red Deer Personal Trainer

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