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Red Deer Personal Trainer – SLD Demo

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Hi everyone! Our Red Deer personal trainer team wanted to chat with you today a little about a somewhat neglected exercise – the Barbell Stiff Legged Deadlift. From here out we will call it the SLD for short.

The SLD is a great exercise for anyone that wants to strengthen their posterior chain. The posterior chain is a fancy term for the backside of your body – the upper back, lower back, glutes (your butt), your hamstrings (the back of your thighs) and your calves. Yes, this variation of the deadlift and all deadlifts in that manner can work all those muscles and then some.

The SLD does have a slight difference than the other deadlifts in that it has an emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes over your lower back and upper back. With the slight bend in the knee and by keeping the bar close to the legs and over the middle of your foot you can place more load into the hip extensors (hammys and glutes).

Typically to execute this move you will go significantly lighter than your traditional deadlift.

So, let’s get into it here.

The Stiff Legged Deadlift – Demo by Red Deer Personal Trainer, Langley.

Prereq’s for this move:

  1. good to great hip mobility
  2. stable surface and good planting footwear
  3. adequate grip strength
  4. good to great spinal mobility
  5. good core strength


  1. Starting with the bar on the floor (with load already on it).
  2. place feet hip width apart with your toes pointed forward in line with your heels.
  3. bend from the hips and engage the core to grab the bar with a slight bend in the knees.
  4. grip bar with a pronated grip (both hands overtop the bar).
  5. with eyes up and spine neutral pull the bar up with keeping it close to your legs and your bodies mid line.
  6. stand all the way up (again, moving from the hips, not the spine) into full spinal extension.
  7. don’t lean back (hyper extension) as the risk to reward is just not there.
  8. give a slight squeeze of the glutes when in full erect position to finish the movement.
  9. lower the bar the same way you came up with a slight bend in the knees, moving from the hips, while keeping core engaged and spine neutral. track the bar close to the legs.
  10. touch the floor (don’t bounce) and lift again.

Note: go significantly lighter than your traditional deadlift.

For even better instruction and a full video demo, watch this video from our great Red Deer Personal Trainer, Langley.

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