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Red Deer Personal Training Organization Tips

By January 27, 2016October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Red Deer Personal Training Experts Explains Organization Overhaul

Here are 5 simple steps to a more organized, less stressful life.

Ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? The house is a mess, you’re late to every appointment, and you forget important dates. You envy people who seem to have it all together. How do they do it? Well, their organized lives didn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect yours to either.

Becoming organized is a process that must be cultivated over time. Intimidating as this may sound, the good news is that it’s never too late to start. The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to develop habits that lead to a more organized life at home, work, and on the go.

Adopt a few of these resolutions and see how your life changes for the better (less stressed and more organized).

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” – Anonymous

Keep a Calendar

Whether on your phone, in your bag, or hanging on your refrigerator, keeping a master calendar for you and your family is a great first step to organization. How are you going to remember your child’s make-up soccer practice or your nephew’s birthday party if you don’t write it down? Every upcoming event, doctor’s appointment, lesson, birthday, anniversary, or school project should be written clearly on the calendar.

We might be a little bias here, but we want you to keep your Red Deer Personal Training appts at 360 Fitness at the top of the list ok? 🙂 wink wink.

It’s one thing to write it down, it’s another to check the calendar daily. Keep the calendar in a visible location to update, and check the calendar often. Even better, make reminders for 72 hours before the event if you are using your phone calendar.

Make Lists

You may not be a list kind of person, but if you want to be organized keeping lists may be a skill you have to learn. What are your goals you hope to accomplish for the day, week, or year? What do you need at the grocery store? What errands do you need to run? You’ll save time and headaches by keeping a running list. Another benefit of lists? The satisfaction of crossing off accomplished tasks.


It’s no wonder you feel like you’re running on fumes by the end of the day. You can’t do everything. Busy schedules and new phases of life call for a reorganization of responsibilities. Assign chores to the kids, take turns going grocery shopping, or hire someone to cut the grass or shovel the driveway (cheaper than you think). You’ll be able to stay more organized if you don’t try to do everything for everyone.

Automate Bills

Most credit card, utility, and insurance companies offer the option of automatic bill payment. No more late fees or time spent writing checks and addressing envelopes. Take the time today to set up an automatic payment plan and you’ll save time, energy, and hassles in the future. We even help out a little here – at our Red Deer personal training studio we have all your accounts automated and good to go.

A Place for Everything

An organized life starts at home. When your home is a mess, your life can feel out of control. Bring order, balance, and calm to your home by assigning everything a designated spot. Keys hang by the door, shoes go in a cubby, jackets hang in the closet, socks go in a drawer, toys are stored in a bin, and on and on. Everyone in the home should know where things belong and work together as a team to keep things in their proper location.

Uncluttering your home is a weekly, if not daily, process. Don’t expect to do it once and have it stay that way. What you don’t need or haven’t used in a year, throw away or donate to charity. The more stuff you have, the more cluttered your home becomes. A few ways to stay on top of clutter before it buries you: toss junk mail as soon as you walk in the door, wash dishes after every meal, clean house once a week, and designate at least one day a week to do laundry.

Put It Together

Nowhere in this article, do I say that all this has to happen right now, so don’t sweat it. Chip away at this and you’ll be on your new track in no time. Heck, this is your first list – have fun checking it off! And remembers, a stress free and organized life is not OCD…it’s bliss.

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