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The Maker of Dreams

By February 16, 2018October 22nd, 2021No Comments

I hope you have read our powerful blog post on The Killer of Dreams” from 360 Fitness


If you missed it, be sure to click here to read this first >


That piece was really about owning and acknowledging the excuses we make for ourselves. Too often we buy into and believe the stories we tell ourselves because that makes it easier to accept less out of life than we truly desire. To live in our comfort zones, if you will.


But here’s the reality. If you have a goal that you’ve convinced yourself is unattainable and anyone in your same or similar circumstance has achieved it, there’s not one real reason you can’t be successful too.


There have been working moms of six who have lost 100 pounds.


There have been people who ran their first marathon in their 80s.


Even if you’ve failed in the past to achieve a goal, it doesn’t mean you can’t go for it again and make it work this time.


If you recall, the killer of dreams is WHEN __________, THEN __________.


The first step is consciousness and recognizing when you’re doing this. The next step is having a plan. So when you start to think “when…, then…”, you are going to shift your thinking to “IF ________, THEN _________”


Let me explain…


You’re going to put a strategy in place to immediately change your thinking. Let me give you some examples:


“IF I find myself buying into excuses about why I can’t get to the gym today, THEN I will put on my workout clothes and go immediately without further thought.”


“IF I know I’m going out to eat in a restaurant where I’ll be tempted to order food that doesn’t align with my goals, THEN I’ll preview the menu when I’m not hungry to select a healthy option so I don’t even have to open the menu in the restaurant and face temptation.”


Have a plan in place. When you notice your “WHEN, THEN” thoughts, excuses, or procrastination come up, have an alternative action you can execute on immediately.


Follow this.


It will change your life.


Yours in health,


Jack Wheeler – Founder of 360 Fitness Personal Training

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