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Where do Supplements fit into your diet? Get the skinny from your Red Deer Supplements Expert

Hi everyone, Jack here from 360 Fitness. I have an awesome guest blog post today from my good buddy, Bryson Bond. He owns and operates Bond Nutrition here in Red Deer. They sell sports supplements, workout supplements and more. They are the best in the business and we send a lot of our clients his way if we don’t have what they are looking for down here at the gym.


Bryson is an incredibly smart man and he knows his stuff when it comes to aligning supplements up with your goals and to give you the “real” story behind his products and not some info-merical crap. Here is a great article from Bryson on figuring out if supplements should/would fit into your diet. Enjoy.

Take it away Bryson!


Where do Supplements fit into your diet? By Bryson Wood


  1. something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole.

When it comes to the fitness and nutrition world, the word “supplement” gets tossed around a lot without a concept of what it entails and can do for the average person in their training regime.  As stated in the dictionary definition above, it’s something to fill the gaps to make sure your body is getting everything it needs to thrive at it’s optimum.  Supplements can help minimize recovery periods, increase strength, promote weight loss, and improve overall health.

Unfortunately, these products are not miracle pills (or powders).  Supplements are extremely effective when combined with proper nutrition and training.  Every day I tell someone to focus on getting the right food, in the right portions, at the right time.  Once you have developed a nutritional routine, supplements can now be added into your regiment to inch closer to your goal.   The biggest challenge I find facing most people in our fast paced North American lifestyle, is time.

The average person struggles making time to cook supper let alone find enough protein (ie: cooking huge batches of chicken breasts) to match their body weight in grams.  That’s where I find supplements can really assist someone in achieving their fitness goals.  It takes seconds to make a shake.  Whey protein is only a part of the industry though.  For those concerned with weight loss, there are products to help boost metabolism and suppress appetite at the same time, among other benefits.  If you’re trying to lose those last few pounds, chances are, you’re restricting your calories to a point.  It’s a nice boost to add in a metabolism enhancer that also raises your mental awareness.  For the guys looking to bulk up, it can be tough to cook five ‘ Thanksgiving’ sized meals in a day.

There are weight gainer shakes that take no time at all to prepare. The purpose of these is to help get you to your caloric intake goals, while saving you time and money.  Now that you have an idea of some of the benefits of supplements, you can see what makes them quite appealing.  The point of these additions is to assist your nutrition, not replace it.  The Red Deer supplements you should take will vary depending on what you want to achieve.  It can be difficult to decide what is right for you, especially with all the advertising and wild claims we see in the industry. Consult your Red Deer personal trainer or refer to someone who is qualified and has your best interest in mind.

Bryson Bond

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