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Your Environment to Success

By January 19, 2018October 22nd, 2021No Comments

You are a product of the environment that surrounds you…the places, people, and things.

They (whoever they are) say, “You are the average of the 5 – 10 people you spend the most time with.” CHOOSE WISELY!!!

If you want to change your behavior you need to change your environment.

For example, if you continue to keep highly processed foods that are full of sugar and “bad” fats in your home you are more likely to consume them, making it harder to change the behavior of eating high quality unprocessed foods.

Let’s face it, if we open the pantry and we have the option between raw nuts and a bag of chips, which one are we more likely to choose?

Maybe you are able to avoid the chips for a couple of days but eventually YOU WILL EAT THEM!!!

Unfortunately, we are bombarded with tempting messages (TV commercials, bill boards, numerous restaurants, and food choices) everyday. We don’t have control over those messages… BUT we do have control over our home environment.

A VERY important step in creating a “safe” environment in your home is to get rid of all the foods that are a trigger for you.

“But wait, my family will shoot me if I do that.”

If that was your reaction, think about this for a second…

If you are making a conscious decision to avoid certain foods because of the potential health consequences, why would you want your loved ones to eat those foods?

Now, you may need to use “transition” foods with your family until they are on-board, but I would argue that no one needs to be eating highly processed foods that contain sugar, trans fat, chemicals, and preservatives.

For example, you are choosing to avoid gluten and bread, but you need an option for your family, right?

Well, switching to sprouted grain bread such as Ezekiel break is a good option for the time being..

If you absolutely cannot get all trigger foods out of your house, have a separate cupboard where you keep all of your food so you don’t have to see other choices when putting together meals. When if comes to your fridge, put all the good options within your sight and the not so good options way in the back or on the bottom selves.

If you keep foods in the house that are hindering you from achieving your goals, eventually a situation will arise and you will eat them!

Make this journey much easier on yourself… get ’em OUT!

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